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Extensive Ayurveda Knowledge Base

Access an extensive knowledge base comprising of only the best videos and top articles related to Ayurveda to gain knowledge and increase clinical expertise.

Discover & Discuss Medical Cases

Discover & discuss rare medical cases and get access to innovative treatments and second opinions from Vaidyas all over the world!

Get Latest News & Updates

Stay on top of the latest medical news, guidelines and current happenings and get access to the latest innovations.

Create Profile & Connect with Vaidyas

Showcase your profile, specialty, expertise and experience and connect with other Vaidyas and increase your network.

How it works

Access only the best Ayurveda content, discuss medical cases and network with Vaidyas from all around the World!

  Connect and Grow Your Network

Interact with Vaidyas from all over the world and showcase your specialty, increase your reputation and grow your network!

  Solve and Collaborate

Post your challenging patient cases and get reliable answers from peers. Get help from other doctors and learn new things.

  Stay on Top

Whether it is quality content or the latest news, stay informed on all the current happenings in the field of Ayurveda.

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Download the AyurConnect App for Android and connect and collaborate with the best Ayurveda doctors all over the world!

What do people think?

Thanks to the knowledge base and especially the video content, I have learned an amazing amount on Ayurveda which has strengthened my fundamentals and improved my practice.

Dr. Anirudha Mohite MD Ayurveda

It’s great to be able to discuss a problem and have inputs from so many Vaidyas. It’s a wonderful tool to learn especially for younger doctors.

Dr. Radhika BAMS

I get all the latest medical news about Ayurveda, guidelines and latest innovations on this app which is great.

Dr. Bhushan Mhaiskar MD Ayurveda

Doctors on this app are very friendly, most of them are very patient and help you if you ask.

Dr. Amit Chavan. MD Ayurveda

I find it very valuable to network with so many experienced Vaidyas and learn from them. This has immensely helped me in my clinic and practice overall.

Dr. Kunal Tambe MD Ayurveda

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